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Out-of-line Accusation: “Cheat Chat”

September 18, 2015 in Uncategorized by Omeng

A seemingly ordinary chitchat aimed at discrediting my loyalty… A friendly conversation with an unfriendly message… Even from among people who we thought know better think otherwise; or at least understandably in doubt of an apparent perfection deemed as it is under directly-manifested guise. I guess “A” and I are good in being discreet not to carelessly divulge anything that should rather be kept personal…

OA or Once Again, there is this rumor on my being unfaithful. Apparently, other than it is the nth time, the source is someone we know… Funny thing is, they don’t seem to add considerable points to creditably put some probable truth to it or at least make it a “believable lie” somehow. I guess not adding those acceptable reasoning, they rather apply “multiplication, subtraction and division” of facts…

The rumor has it that I was spotted holding hands with someone other than my wife or my kids or assisting an elderly perhaps at, of all places, a branded landmark where a considerable influx has always been known to frequent. For such case, how convenient… or inconvenient, depending on which angle we’re at I suppose.

This isn’t about me defending my “smeared reputation” though. This will be about “tale telling (truth or dare do you care)” as to establishing the viewpoint from both standpoints. “Hearsay let me say…”

From the aforesaid scenario, it would be of convenience to make use of the circumstantial situation for the denial based on the impossibility of such careless discretion along a public frame of perception. From the other side, there’s the “distrust intensification” of countering such defense within the context of a valid point. Either way, there’ll be trust issues; your’s, your subject’s or for both…

As for ‘the one caught in-between’, it’ll always be unfortunate yet has the vantage point to look into as much as rationally view it in every possible angle… That’s why do the right thing; being “caught off-guard however, don’t be caught red-handed.”

In consideration of social meddling err media via today’s technological breakthrough, “the sin of one as seen by one could be a scene for everyone”… If you are to tell me about something worth my while and knowledge for reasons you care, then tell me directly verified by undeniable evidence (or you can detrimentally tag me even)… Spare yourself of having to present questionable arguments. It would appear and sound doubtful as it already is as much as worse than being a gossip as indeed a libelous sort of a made-up story… As simple as living within the current generation where everyone apparently gains from the beneficial handiness of a smart phone… Taking a picture for its intended purpose will prove clearer than depicting an image in one’s mind. You see, without substantial proof, you don’t just stir malice but likewise create animosity.


Intindihin nalang mga tsismosa, baka biktima lang sila ng "Optical (Op teka lang) Illusion"...

As far as cheating is concerned, it is what it is as some form of deception not to get caught for reasons alluding further damage. Consequently, to further mix it up with doubt, it is either by chance or by cruel intention (or by an “itchy tongue”) to cause harmful repercussions. Thus, without substantial basis, you similarly put your credibility on the line as much as the intermingled relationships within the circle between:
– the “cheater and the cheated
– the cheater and the rumormonger
– the cheated and the rumormonger
– the cheated and the other-woman/man
– the other-woman/man and the rumormonger
– the believer/s and the non-believer/s
– the family
– the friends
– the in-laws
– and practically everyone else.”

Whereas, escalating it to spread such hearsay, its between:
– the rumormonger and him/herself
– the rumormonger and other rumormongers

then it becomes:
– everyone else vs blabbermouth vs chatterbox vs talebearer vs tattletale vs whistleblower or whatever you call each one or however they justify their being (“from a friend of a friend of a friend of a neighbor’s neighbor’s relative somewhere…” – you know what I mean) vs the truth…

It becomes as complicated as it’s intended from something so trivial. From hearsay let it be ‘here, let me say’, if it is indeed unfounded, don’t disseminate/don’t entertain. Have the veracity to apply sensibility.

All of these said, it may sound defensive of me… But like any victim of “unfounded fuck err fact” (several times over at that), I’m compelled to “hear & say” something… It’s not like I said something when similarly “I was seen with someone on my lap” at a public place where other frequenters are more like “prick/freak went there”… Therefore, regardless of place, time, occasion, etc., there are yentas stalking and talking…


by Omeng

Out of All: the One that got Away

March 26, 2015 in HE Said by Omeng

I guess among any lover, there is that lingering question if you’re that “it” guy your partner is to undoubtedly spend the rest of his/her life with (unless you are: pretty sure, the assuming kind or just that confident)… How then are you to react or even act on the eventuality if indeed there is this “THE ONE that got away” as far as your partner is concerned? Will feeling bad be normal? Will jealousy be a nagging issue? Will it be an open subject you and your partner can talk about diplomatically? Or will you prove that you’re the reason why it was better for “THAT ONE” to have gotten away… And for a chance to secure equivalence to somehow feel better, will you likewise assume that you are also someone else’s “the one that got away” perhaps or maybe you have “set freed” your own ‘the one’?


To feel better actually, one has to brush-off insecurity and give this question instead some serious thought: “How do you even know if that person is indeed ‘the one’ without sufficient basis?” It takes substantial realization based on considerable “getting to know” stages and gauges – it’s like failing to really attest how a seeming big fish for a catch is as tasty if you haven’t had the chance to cook and eat it… Yes, you’d most likely regret to have such prize-catch carelessly get away as it fluttered for freedom…
Make that “flattered freedom” as it just feels free and is flattering to ensnare such a prize. However, that prize is just comparable to a display-trophy wherein the best reward in fact is the (self-) fulfillment and pride of gaining victory; the trophy is just a tangible attestation… Unless, what you’re more concerned about is what people see and remember rather than what you really feel and value. One notable reality is that others bear in mind what their (judgmental) eyes perceive, whereas, your own experience is what will create memories you yourself will treasure… Their minds may be fed, however, your soul is nourished.
Now, what if you’ve known “the one” to an extent you “finish each other’s sentences”? (Then, you should have finished just the sentences; the problem with the sentence however: He said “It’s” and she finished it with “over”…) What if you’re sure that it’s beyond the physical aspect… What if “that guy’s guise” is not “display-material”? Well, as a matter of substance, we have to identify attributes beyond physicality as to why one is indeed considered “the one” that got away. What if you were just a victim of or “trapped within” some circumstance wherein you needed to let go however you still love each other? Let us look into a few factors and if each of these is similarly considered as a criterion:

Character – Does it complement that of your own as close as it defines compatibility? You should understand that compatibility could differ from harmony as much as complementing differences could vary from how ‘opposites attract’… Something that lacks spark could have ‘agreeableness’ trigger boredom. Same thing with how peculiarities may serve to develop acceptance…

Preference – like ‘likes’, does liking the same thing likely assure a likable union full of “whether you like it or not”? Come to think of it (or shall we say “whether you like it or not”), the better way to gauge your complementing togetherness is how it’s working notwithstanding your “unlikely correlative partiality” as some basis for respect that corresponds with tolerance and acceptance…

History – Along the “getting to know each other” stage, one’s past is a good basis to gauge someone else’s future (would-be) persona but it’s not the best. We have to take into consideration that what’s being worked on is a new beginning potentially headed towards what’s next with yesterday as some guiding principle; although the two of you as principal guide for your own collaborative as much as correlative story…

Status – This either manifests the history (his (or her) story) or validates how the past molded today’s character… But would you judge a car based on the road it traversed on or the path it’ll take rather than its capacity to serve its function to take you where you’d rather be… Besides, you know for a fact that you can’t expect a sports car to smoothly go through some rough terrain intended for 4×4 trucks… For all you know, you could end up catching a big fish only to be surprised how it’s just what it is sans substance…

Physicality – As shallow as this may be, it’s a matter of appreciation between say that flashy sports car and with that of a good-ol’ 4×4 pickup truck towards a course with “ups and downs”… What you’d use is up to you; either one could probably get you there; it still depends on what you will be going through… How it will respond depends on how it will be driven as much as how you’d discern between aesthetic flarings and circumstantial performance… Just like comparing it with that big fish for a prize, will your basis be: satisfying your hunger or your taste buds?
Tall, dark, six-pack and all or “the boy next you’d shut the door”?


Circumstance – or reason… You are in your current state for a reason…
If your reason, other than these criteria and the probability of you being psychic and all, is merely based on “what ifs”, then they’re more likely that – not “the one that got away” but your “What-if guy”… At least it is a pending question dependent on how you’d address it instead of an assumption…

Truth of the matter is that whoever you have currently committed yourself to is with a fitting reason being ‘the one’ without you doubting… The only reason you believe there is this “the one that got away” is your notion of yourself being deserving of something you think is a “would’ve-been better choice” for your condescending personality as if without flaws that of which you’re complaining about your current “this one you ended up with instead” to be full of… If you’re really meant to be, then there shouldn’t be “that one assumption” in the first place. If you think you deserve better, so is your “this one poor guy who ended up with you”… However, they don’t know of course… Wink wink : )
“A” upon reading this, will most likely doubt… Do I have “the one that got away”? She’s back in my arms… ; )
What if… Oops! I’ll zip it!

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